How to use the Weekly Blog Email
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Each week as part of your Weekly Marketing System you get a Blog Email.

This email is designed to send to your leads and prospects to direct them to the blog and video on your website.

The email content and subject line are provided so that you can copy it into your CRM / Email Broadcast system.

If you don't yet have a CRM, for the vast majority of MSPs, Mailchimp and MailerLite have exactly the tools you need. And good pricing. More on CRMs here:

Email template: For this email we recommend a simple text based template, and it must include a link to the blog you just put live on your website.

Ideally, you want this email to look more like an update from you rather than a graphical html sales / marketing email.

For example:

Within your CRM:

- Create a new email (use your pre set up template)

- Pick the name of the sender "From" (the business owner ideally - a person is better than a business) and email address (normally your general hello@ address. Make sure someone sees any replies). Keep these the same with every weekly email you send

- Copy and paste in the subject line and body of the email, and format the text

- Insert the CTA link
(the Call To Action - the line that’s highlighted in yellow at the bottom of the email we give you)
This should click through to the blog you already loaded on your website

- Personalise with your name at the bottom (and email signature)

- Review, preview, test and make any changes

- Send the email or schedule it for later.
Send emails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays between 10am and 4pm. Lunchtime is good, but don’t worry too much about when you send it as email is not instant messaging. People deal with it when they are ready to

- Don’t obsess over email opens rates, click rates or lack of replies. You’re not an ecommerce business. You’re using emails to build a relationship, not sell items

If you need some help building your broadcast list - check out this article:

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